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MGT 330

Thomas Griffin

Walmart is a complex organization. Their organizing function management when it comes to their human resources and physical assets helps to make the company better and more manageable. Organizing the human resources and the assets helps Walmart to make sure that the company can serve their customers better and the way that they deserve to be served. Walmart has optimized these organizational resources for effectiveness and efficiency. Walmart is a strong company that knows how to make use of the resources that they have. Human Resources

The human resource department is in charge of many functions that are important to the organizing function. The human resources organize the employee records and keep them in order for the managers. They also work with the management to create different strategies for the company (Bateman, 2009). They also work with the lower management to help them to find the right people for the job that needs to be done. They are willing to look for a while before they hire someone so that they know that they can do the job and do it right. The human resources department makes sure that the organization of the company is in order so that the company can run smoother. The human resources also make sure that all the employees are up to date in their training and doing what they are supposed to be doing. If the managers had to keep track of all that the human resources did then there would not be a lot that got done. The human resources help to make less work on the managers. The human resources takes and makes the new employees feel comfortable about working there. Physical Assets

When Walmart keeps their physical assets organized it makes it easier for the management to know what they have and how much they have. It is important for them to keep track of they have and what they do not. When they start to lose track of what they have for physical assets then they are going...
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