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Wal-Mart is one of the largest retail markets in the world and continues to increase its revenue because of its products and services that are provided. I have to admit Wal-Mart has made a lot of money from me because it's my one stop supermarket. I can go to Wal-Mart and find just about any and everything I'm looking for which makes my shopping experience just that much more supreme. Let me share some of the businesses history with you and its timeline. The very first store to open was in Rogers, Arkansas in 1962 its founder was Sam Walton. In 1970 Wal-Mart opened its first distribution center and home office in Bentonville, Ark.1972 Wal-Mart was approved and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.1983 First SAM'S CLUB opened in April in Midwest City, Oklahoma. 1988 First Super center opened in Washington, Missouri. . 1990 Wal-Mart becomes nation's No. 1 retailer. 1991 International market entered for first time with the opening of a unit in Mexico City. 1992 Sam Walton passes away on April 5. 1992 Wal-Mart enters Puerto Rico. 1993 First billion-dollar sales week in December. 1997 Wal-Mart becomes the No. 1 employer in the United States, 1997 Wal-Mart has 680,000 associates worldwide, including 115,000 associates internationally, 1997 Wal-Mart has first $100 billion sales year, with sales totaling US$105 billion. 1999 Wal-Mart has 1,140,000 associates, making the company the largest private employer in the world. 1999 Wal-Mart acquires the ASDA Group the United Kingdom (229 stores).1999 Wal-Mart acquires 374 Interspa units in Germany. 2001 Wal-Mart topped Fortune's Global500 and ranked third among the "Most Admired Companies in America". 2002 Wal-Mart entered the Japanese market through the acquisition of interest in Seryu. 2005 Wal-Mart's ownership stake in Japanese Seiyu increased to 56.56% in November.2005 Wal-Mart buys Sonae's Brazil operations including 140 hypermarkets, supermarkets and wholesale units for $764 million in December.

The main strategy Wal-Mart used for Globalization is acquisition of other stores in different markets. In Canada Wal-Mart purchased 122 Woolco stores to enter that market and in Germany got a hold of 21 Wertkauf hypermarkets and then added 74 Interspar stores. Wal-mart achieved a grand success in U.K. with the $10.7 billion acquisition of ASDA. The Firm integrated all these purchased stores and changed the names, renewed the facilities and used store mangers that were trained in the US and they also changed the product mix. Because of their increased presence in the global arena they impacted both the societies and the small businesses. Wal-mart strategy of acquisition in international markets was not very appropriate, as it wiped out small businesses everywhere and with it their unique local cultures. Wal-mart chains are everywhere, and without exception the local communities and the small businesses are ruined and Wal-mart is the only one which benefits.


The different products and services you will find at Wal-Mart range from food, auto parts, toys, armory, electronics, home improvement, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, banking institution, and maybe a restaurant. Coincidentally there is a McDonalds in the one I visit. So it's nice to always stop there for French fries and a milkshake. I go to Wal-Mart for just about everything. It's convenient and I like to utilize the self check out lines as I am very impatient person. I believe that would be my only qualm is the large customer base it has and waiting in check out lines can be taxing at times especially during tax season. Check out lines was the best thing they could've invested in. You'd be amazed at the number of people who will not go through the self check out lines but would rather wait in line for 30 minutes to do have the clerk do the same thing they themselves could've done in 5 minutes. I don't understand that. Again it just goes to show I don't have the...
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