Topics: Oliver Stone, Wall Street, Michael Douglas Pages: 9 (3105 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Movie Wall Street tells the story of a young stockbroker named Bud Fox, a young, smart and very motivated stock broker (seller) who dreams of making millions of dollars. He worked at the firm Jackson Steinem & Co. Bud is ambitious. He wants to be successful in the stock market, like Gordon Gecko a very rich, ruthless and immoral stock trader and “corporate raider,”which is a person who buys and sells companies, often with horrible results for company workers. Bud always try to find his way to achieve his desire. Until one day, after trying for several weeks, Bud gets to meet Gekko, and with a little luck. He is soon working with him, making investments with an account Gekko has set up for him. Bud leaked internal secret business related to the company Bluestar, where his father worked. This airlines has a problem because undermined its workers. Bud leaked conversation with his father to Gecko that Bluestar will be able to solve the problem and of course the stock will rise. Bud finally got the money to buy shares of Bluestar Gecko and profit from it. Their relationship continued, Bud become someone who Gecko really trust to spy his enemy named Sir Lawrence Wildman. The search results from Bud, Wildman will buy a company, Gecko preceded it, acquired the shares in the company and forced Wildman pay large amounts of it. Bud got rich and beautiful doll friend Gecko, a decorator named Darien. Bud suggested the idea to acquire full Bluestar to be restructured to make it more profitable. Bud was installed as leader. Looks like an interesting plan for Bud, because it could help the company his father's feet. But plan living plan, Gecko is a giant greedy, blood thirsty he belonged. Apparently Gecko has a plan to break Bluestar and sell its assets, profits faster than fatigue set in long-term management. Bud rebellious, he does not like greed Gecko expense of many people, including his father. Bud contact Wildman, Bud creates a plan to drive up Bluestar's stock before manipulating it back down. He made the plot to bring down the stock Bluestar by blowing gossip to the market through its network and also whisper to the media. He and the other union presidents then secretly meet with Wildman and arrange for him to buy controlling interest in Bluestar at a significant discount. Gekko, realizing that his stock is plummeting, finally dumps his remaining interest in the company on Bud's advice. However, when Gekko learns on the evening news that Wildman is buying Bluestar, he realizes that Bud engineered the entire scheme. Bud triumphantly goes back to work at Jackson Steinem the following day, where he is confronted by the police and the SEC and arrested for insider trading. Following the confrontation, it is revealed that Bud was wearing a wire to record his encounter with Gekko. He turns the wire tapes over to the authorities, who suggest that his sentence will be lightened in exchange for helping them make a case against Gekko. The film ends with Bud going up the steps of the courthouse to face justice for his crimes, albeit now with a clear conscience The story of this film raised an ugly side of the stock market. All people may try to avoid financial crime as it happens in this movie. But the irony, we had been getting a great concept that for the rich to invest in stocks is the way depicted in the movie Wall Street. The concept that in order to succeed in the stock we have to get internal information, so our opportunity to buy shares at a cheaper price and then sell their shares when the price goes up. No need to have to commit insider trading. All of these stories are false. But the irony of investing in stocks still depicted as a cruel defeat losing activity, such as sports racing runway, if not sooner then we will lose. Often whether you hear that? Whereas in reality, no? There are so many investors are successful even with a conservative methodology, careful, slow and boring indeed. To be a...
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