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Task-based Approach in Grammar Teaching
Mr.Baji V Balan Research Scholar
Task-based teaching is a teaching method which attracts the achievements of modern language teaching theories. It is an effective method in promoting learners’ language competence. However, experimental studies of its application are rarely found in the field of grammar teaching. This paper tries to incorporate task-based teaching approach into grammar teaching in order to probe into its validity and practicality in grammar teaching. Introduction

The essence of language lies in grammar. Grammar teaching has played an important role in language learning and acquisition. According to Woods (1995), “Nobody can doubt that a good knowledge of the grammatical system is essential to master a foreign language and it is also one of the most important parts of communicative competence.” Grammar is a framework without which language cannot be structured and a meaning cannot be conveyed easily and fluently. Although grammar teaching is a central aspect of foreign language teaching it has been one of the most controversial and least understood aspects of foreign language teaching. The task-based teaching approach is combined with grammar teaching in order to make grammar more effective. What is Task-based Teaching Approach?

Task-based teaching approach is also called task-based learning. It is a teaching method that puts tasks at the center of methodological focus. It can be regarded as one particular approach to implement the boarder “communicative approach”. Here the learning process is considered as a set of communicative tasks are connected to the curricular goals. The task-based learning is aimed to make target language environment in the language classroom, communication takes place through using the grammatical system, develop students’ ability to communicate. Nunan (1999, p.24) defines task-based language teaching as “Task-based language teaching is an approach to the design of language course in which the point of departure is not an ordered list of linguistic items, but a collection of tasks.” Tasks provide the basis for an entire language program of study. Task-based language teaching provides learners with opportunities to research with and learn both spoken and written language through tasks designed to engage learners in real, practical and functional use of language for meaningful purpose. Features of Task-based language Teaching

Nuan D. (1991, p.279) gives summary as follows:
1.An emphasis on learning to communicate through interaction in the target language; 2.The introduction of authentic texts into the learning situation; 3.The provision of opportunities for learners to focus, not only on language, but also on the learning process itself; 4.An enhancement of the learners’ own personal experiences as important contributing elements to classroom learning. 5.An attempt to link classroom language learning with language activation outside the classroom. The framework of Task-based Approach

The most extensively worked-out framework is that of Willis, who has proposed it in her masterpiece a framework for task-based learning. In this framework, she divides the procedures of task-based language into three stages. Willis’ model for Task-based Teaching Approach


Introduction to topic and tasks


Language focus

The teacher introduces the topic and gives the students clear instructions on what they will have to do the task stage and might help students to recall some language that may be useful for the task. The pre-task stage can also often include playing a recording of people doing the task. This gives the students a clear model of what will be expected of them. The students can take notes and spend time preparing for the task. Task-cycle

This stage consists of three...
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