Wallace Rasmussen

Topics: Great Depression, Unemployment, Wall Street Crash of 1929 Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: February 28, 2008
Wallace Rasmussen 80
Nashville, Tennessee
Our economy would be much more stable and thriving if there were more people like Wallace Rasumssen. Not only was Wallace Rasmussen a hard working American he still is even at eighty years old. In a few pages Wallace explains the problems with America and its people today. Wallace described himself as an entrepreneur that never failed at anything. He credits his ability to constantly win to his attribution of being able to figure things out and fix any problem thrown at him. Wallace explains the people of America as ones that want an easy fix and as people that would rather buy a new machine than fix the one that they have. However he doesn't put all of the blame on the people of America. He describes America as a country that seems to create its own debt because our country creates people that are lazy so to speak. When he was a young boy he was working at the age of eight years old for fifty cents a day. Now there is an age limit for a young person that says when they can or can't work. Wallace says that by the time these young people reach working age they are set in their ways and really don't want to work hard. This is the reason for buying all of the new machines instead of fixing the one you have.

Throughout Wallace's description of himself growing up America did as well. When he was younger he worked hard and went through the great depression. He said that the Great Depression humbled a lot of people because they realized what was most important. This definitely made me think about the way that Americans live today. I feel that a depression would humble many people and help them realize that we need to work harder and not always look for a payoff or easy way out. Even though Wallace said that he felt a depression will never happen again, I feel it could be the answer to outrageous gas prices, food costs, and control the imports and exports. America needs to get back to the values that our...
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