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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Writing a Compare and Contrast Essay

1.) Think about the topic
2.) Come up with a thesis statement. Remember everything else you write has to relate to this thesis statement. If possible, write a complex statement so that each component becomes the topic of the body paragraphs. 3.) First write your introduction in I, B, C organization. Think of the hook as your introduction paragraph’s introduction, one or two general statements about the topic as the body, and then insert the thesis statement as your introductory paragraph’s conclusion. 4.) Next write your whole essay in I, B, C organization. Using the components from your thesis statement to create topic sentences while you write your supporting paragraphs. 5.) Restate or paraphrase your thesis as your conclusion.

Brainstorming the topic:

“Sharp as a brick”Clever
Easily distractedFocused
Likes tea and cheeseLikes tea and cheese
Trusting, gullible and naïveObservant and cautious
LazyHard working
TalksNo talking, but understandable
Likes the ladies, loses his head over themLikes the ladies, but does not lose his head Protected and taken care ofProtector and caregiver

Thesis statement: My heroes are made of clay, but they are both very human in their everyday abilities, and intellect.

Method One: (Para. 1 describes “item 1” {no similarities or contrasts}, Para. 2 compares and contrasts)

Some of my favorite movie characters are not human or animal, but they are one very fallible human and one very human animal. They are Wallace and Gromit, and to me they represent what is good about all of us. My heroes are made of clay but they are both very human in their everyday abilities and intellect. Wallace is a likable, easy going character that lives in Preston, UK. He is an inventor, but is not always very sharp in his...
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