Wall-E: Irrational Love Defeats Life's Programming

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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“Irrational love defeats life’s programming.” This is a quote from Andrew Stanton, the director of Wall-E and it is pertaining to the storyline of Wall-E. Basically he means that love is powerful enough to conquer all things even the programming that society does on humans and machines. The movie’s main character is of course Wall-E, while his love interest has the name Eve. The two have been tasked the job of cleaning up a trash-filled earth. All humans now live in a spaceship so as to avoid the hazardous conditions on earth. At first the plan was to have the robots fix earth in a few years, but it has been hundreds of years and only Wall-E remains. After he finds, a plant EVE is sent to scoure earth for vegetation. Before long the two strike up a friendship, even though EVE is deactivated (through Wall-E’s persistence). When EVE is returned to the mother ship, Wall-E follows her and when a misunderstanding ensues the two become robot fugitives. Fighting the ship’s computer, the two try their hardest to get the last plant known of to the captain of AXIOM. Once the two robots defeat the ship’s computer they return to Earth in the Axiom and recolonize. There is a short period where Wall-E forgets EVE due to repairs but he is kissed and then remembers her. At the end of the movie plants are shown to be growing vigorously outside the new city on the newly reinhabited earth. I believe that Mr. Stanton is representing a lot of values and philosophical ideals in his short quote. The fact that two robots love could reinhabit a planet and create an example for humans to follow is extraordinary. He also does an incredible job foreshadowing an Armageddon of consumerism that could very well become real if humans forget about love and their environment. In conclusion Wall-E was a great film that was clear in what it representing. It shows us the power of love, Mother Nature, the power of good, as well as the dangers of irresponsible consumerism. I believe...
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