Wall Street Movie Analyses

Topics: Deception, Truth, Figure 8 Pages: 4 (1365 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Movie Analysis: Wall Street

Our beliefs, values, and culture influence how we behave ethically at home, with friends, and lastly in the business world. The movie Wall Street portrays tempting situations that result in crossing the line into an ethical world. Wall Street defines itself through a number of morality conflicts putting wealth and power against straightforwardness and sincerity. Bud fox is a young stockbroker looking for a way to succeed and make it big. He is prepared to do anything to get to the top. He needs more clients to make a name for himself. Bud becomes involved with a merciless and legendary Wall Street player named Mr. Gekko. He starts pitching ideas and investments to Mr. Gekko, but he is not yet impressed. When Bud finally convinces him and gets him to invest, things start to change. He has to continue to keep Mr. Gekko attracted. At this point in time, the core values that are at stake are Truth, Responsibility, fairness, and community.

Now that Mr. Gekko has Bud Fox under his wing, he uses him to do illegal actions in Wall Street for him, knowing it’s not right. Bud finds himself in the crooked world of insider information and indecisive women. Bud Fox now starts trading on illegal inside information. In order for Bud Fox to continue his road to the top, he has to follow the guidelines of Mr. Gekko and do whatever he is told to do. Bud basically becomes brainwashed and begins to get addicted to this lifestyle of lying and deceit, just to get what he wants and get ahead.

Bud becomes wealthy, enjoying all the promised perks of Mr. Gekko. He continues to make the most of insider information and use friends as straw buyers to get rich. He then becomes Mr. Gekko’s account attorney. It appears that Bud Fox is falling for this blonde named Darien, and doesn’t know that she happens to be having an affair with Mr. Gekko. Bud starts getting out of control; he is breaking the law, pushing away his family and even...
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