Wall Street Blues

Topics: Investment, Finance, Bond Pages: 3 (477 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Cliff Addis, the best bond salesperson on Wall Street who has never failed, persuaded his best customer, Louise Patterson, to buy the bonds of the company whose value diminished by 3% 2 days later. Trying to becalm Louise, Cliff lied saying that the bonds would turn round and he would gain profit. When Cliff came home, he read in a newspaper that the Wisconsin Credit bank is close to bankruptcy, but he perceived this message as “a golden investment opportunity”.

Mr.Addis has to decide whether to buy the Wisconsin Credit bonds or not.

a. Cliff Addis, Bond Salesperson
Arnie Arnopp, Senior Bond salesperson
Louise Patterson, Fund Manager
b. Hislop&Hislop Investment Bank
Carte Pensions
Wisconsin Credit Bank
Mid-West farming communities

Cliff persuaded Louise to buy $77mln worth of bonds.
The bonds had fallen by 3%.
Cliff tried to re-assure Louis on the phone.
Key investors of the Bank voted for the bank’s no confidence. The Wisconsin Credit Bank became close to bankruptcy.
Taxi took Cliff home after work.
Cliff scanned the evening’s financial news and saw the Wisconsin headline. He scribbled the notes.
Cliff arrived for work (6.30)
Arnie arrived for work (8.30)
Arnie & Cliff had a conversation.

∙ Inside
Cliff never loses, he’s supposed to be the best bond salesperson on Wall Street. Louise is his best customer.
The relationships between him and his boss are complicated.

∙ Outside
There will be a mad rush because of the Wisconsin Credit bonds. The bonds had already fallen some time ago.
The farmers may lose their life savings.


Not to buy bonds
Not to buy bonds is more reliable. You don’t risk the farmers’ savings. •You don’t risk to lose the best customer.
If the government bail out, Cliff loses the golden investment opportunity with the help of which he can build the relationships with Louise. •He has to find other...
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