Walking With The Devil

Topics: Police, Constable, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Walking with the devil

Walking with the devil on police corruption, by Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn is a retired Minneapolis police officer that has served many ranks throughout his life and has seen a lot of different aspects of the criminal justice system. He served 24 years with minneapolis, year and a half with the state patrol in a program called police core then 5 years as a part-time deputy Marshall with the US Marshall service and now he is currently the operations manager in a tennis center. He also did swat for 17 years and FBI swat for 9 years and also trained 350 cops. While talking about his life he noticed that being a police officer means a lot more than catching bad guys and helping the community. While training so many cops he has seen many officers lose their jobs give up their freedom and even give up there families because they did stupid things or because they didn’t stop someone else from doing something and got held accountable for them too. Mathew dean moore was a police ooficer for 6 weeks and later got sentenced to 5 years in federal prison. He was a rookie with a wife and two little kids. Mathew was not sentenced because he brutally beat a man up like his training officer did but actually the exact opposite. He is going to federal prison because he did not report it nor stop it. Because like so many rookies he did what he was told to do and keep his mouth shut or “the code of silence”. Melvin Williams was sentenced in federal court to more than 21 years in prison, while Mathew dean Moore was sentenced to more than 5. This case pertains to many different levels of this so called “code of silence” where not just cops but other people as well holding up to “we don’t snitch or rat that’s not part of our culture”. It’s about what you do when someone does something unethical. I believe Michael is trying to relay the message that the same cops that will risk their lives are the same ones that don’t report crimes an such....
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