Walking on Crutches

Topics: Walking, Human leg, Left-wing politics Pages: 3 (759 words) Published: October 28, 2010
Two-Point Crutch Gait
Two-point gait: one crutch and opposite extremity move together followed by the opposite crutch and extremity; requires use of two assistive devices (canes or crutches); allows for natural arm and leg motion during gait, good support and stability from two opposing points of contact.

Weakness in both legs or poor coordination.
Pattern Sequence:
Left crutch and right foot together, then the right crutch and left foot together. Repeat. Advantages:
Faster than the four point date.
Can be difficult to learn the pattern.
Faster than 4-point
* Requires more balance
* Partial bearing on BOTH legs
* Move the LEFT crutch and RIGHT foot FORWARD together
* Move the RIGHT crutch and LEFT foot forward together
Three-Point Crutch Gait
Three-point gait: both crutches and involved leg are advanced together, then uninvolved leg is advanced forward; requires use of two assistive devices (crutches or canes) or a walker; indicated for use with involvement of one extremity , e.g. lower extremity fracture. Requires weight bearing on the UNAFECTED leg

* Move BOTH crutches and the WEAKER LEG forward
* Move the STRONGER leg forward
Four-Point Crutch Gait
Four-point gait: a slow gait pattern in which one crutch is advanced forward and placed on the floor, followed by advancement of the opposite leg; then the remaining crutch is advanced forward followed by the opposite remaining leg; requires the use of two assistive devices (crutches or canes); provides maximum stability with three points of support while one limb is moving. Indication:

Weakness in both legs or poor coordination.
Pattern Sequence:
Left crutch, right foot, right crutch, left foot. Then repeat. Advantages:
Provides excellent stabilty as there are always three points in contact with the ground Disadvantages:
Slow walking speed
* Safest gait
* Requires weight bearing on both legs
* Move RIGHT crutch ahead (6 inches)
* Move...
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