Walking and Word Swag

Topics: Walking, Rubber Soul, Fashion Pages: 2 (832 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Got Swag?
1.What is “swag”? Being a commonly used word in the 21st century, “swag” has arisen from song lyrics and populated through postages on popular online websites such as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, and “Tumblr”. It has stemmed from the word “swagger”, which is a noun that means a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive manner. This manifestation of the word “swag” has caused most teenagers to use this term to define themselves. Swag is utilized as a noun to describe a person’s mannerisms as “cool” when compared to the ordinary layperson. In the contemporary society, a key judgment of one’s character is whether their actions contain swag or not. Swag can be defined either negatively or positively through judgment of everyday actions such as walking, talking, and self-appearance. 2.As aforementioned, the way a person walks or talks may show whether they have swag or not. Someone who would be considered to have swag would walk in a confident and self-assured manner. Key characteristics of such a person’s walking habits are having a straight posture, meticulous foot placing, and a subtle arm sway. In addition to walking habits, smooth-talking teenagers are believed to show swag by the way they speak. For example, a guy can smooth-talk and flirt with a girl to persuade her on a date with him. On the other hand, a girl can talk with swag by conveying a more confident tone. She can assertively talk about her unique qualities (e.g. her curvy body) as a sign of swag. Aside from being able to “walk the walk” and “talk the talk”, having a unique fashion sense also differentiates the layperson from one who has swag. 3.The appearance, grooming, and outfits of people may or may not indicate that they have swag. Regarding clothes, swag is gauged by one’s sense of style. The median used for this gauge is the dressing habits of many celebrities in the music industry. For instance, outfits like adjustable snapback hats, Jordan sneakers, varsity leather jackets,...
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