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  • Published : November 21, 2010
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Effective Communication: A Walk on the Moon

Effective communication is key in fostering and maintaining healthy relationships, regardless of the nature of the relationship (i.e. familial, sexual, platonic, et al). You have observed the following couples in the film, A Walk on the Moon: Pearl and Marty; Pearl and Walker; and Alison and Ross. Your task, now, is to analyze the communication patterns and styles of each couple. You will do this by applying what you have learned in class and from the text about relationships and communication, including Sternberg’s Triangular Model of Love, John Gottman’s findings on conflict resolution, obstacles to sexual communication, and communication skills that enhance relationships.

1. Compare and contrast the ways in which Marty and Pearl communicate with each other, the ways Allison and Ross communicate with each other, and the ways in which Pearl and Walker Jerome communicate with each other (e.g. openness, honesty, supportiveness, effective listening, making requests, learning about partner’s needs, etc.). How would you evaluate the impact of these patterns of communication on each of the relationships (e.g. do they foster or prevent closeness, do they enhance or prevent growth)? Provide specific examples from the film, and scientific information from the text, to illustrate and support each point in your discussion.

2. John Gottman conducted research on conflict resolution and relationship outcomes within couples. Apply these findings to the conflict resolution strategies used by Pearl and Marty, and by Allison and Ross, comparing and contrasting the two couples. Please provide specific examples from the film, and information from the text, to illustrate and support your discussion.

3. How was Pearl and Marty’s way of communicating with each other at the end of the film different from the way they communicated at the very beginning of the film? How was it different from what was implied about the way...
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