Walk in the Forest

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A walk in the forest

1. The forest had trees that were tress the size of skyspapers. Raindrops were falling slightly. All you can see is trees full of monkeys. Leaves all draped in your faces with every step. 2.the key look like its from the 1800s its disgusting. It has tribal letters all the way down It. It was all rusty and dented. It had three teeth on the end. 3. The cup was shining with diamonds, it has lil waynes picture on it. Its three feet tall. It had red koolaid filled the top. 4. The bear was tiny. Its was adorable like a pet. It was white as snow and fat as a whale. It had oversized teeth that were 8 iches in length. His paws the smaller than half dollar coin. 5.the lake was beautiful from a distance, but when I got closer it became a filthy swamp full of hydrilla. When I got by the shore I noticed the sand was black as night. There were dead species in the water. 6.the cave was full of diseased coons. There were bats hanging from every square inch in the cave. Its was the darkest most 7.the come to a gigantic red brick wall. So I decided to walk around but theres fences with bob wire sharp as needles. Theres are guards on top it. I shot the guards down with my oozy and climbed the wall with my nifty rope.

David George
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