Waleed 74

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Culture shock

Culture shock is define as a kind of feeling when a person experience unfamiliar way of life due to immigration, study or visit a new country. Although traveling to different countries has several advantages, there is also a negative side effect could happen to a person who travel abroad .In this essay I will discuss the causes and side effects of culture shock .

First of all ,the majority of international students have a lack of vocabulary and as a result of that this will lead to communication problems and they will not be able to express their feeling. Furthermore, there is another equally significant of culture side effects that families do not spend enough time together on weekends or holidays . To exemplify, students before they come to the country had thought they will spend much time with their new families talking to each other or travel with them on along holiday but in reality most of the families are busy and half of them have two works in one day to cover life expenses, as result of that they feel lonely and probably get home sick.

In addition, some students have lack confidence, in other words we could say that, for some students this is the first time to travel abroad and also the y don’t have enough experience to make a decision consequently, they could make wrong decision it could affect their life negatively.

In conclusion, culture shock is a feeling when a person experience unfamiliar culture due to immigration or vest or study, however there is no a doubt that culture shock has a great deal of causes such as a lack of vocabulary lead to difficulties in communication and less confidence which has an effect on their choose. Hence, students need to qualified before they travel abroad to avoid culture shock.
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