Wala Lang

Topics: Dance, Health, Folk dance Pages: 3 (688 words) Published: January 16, 2013
BSED Major in Music, Arts, PE and Health

Foundation of MAPEH

Deals with the educational foundations of Physical Education, Art and Music Education respectively. It covers the historical, philosophical, sociological and psychological theories and principles necessary to understand the bases for the various activities involved. The course shall interrelate the different subjects into common understanding of its importance in the MAPEH and in the life of a human being.

Philippine and Asian Music

Directs the study of the indigenous Music of the Philippines and the neighboring Asian continues with focus on the musical instruments and vocal music. Hands-on study is emphasized to develop the necessary knowledge and skills. Parallelism is love of country and appreciation of the music of the region as Asians. Historical and contemporary contexts of music shall be underscored.

Anatomical, Mechanical and Physiological Bases of Movement

Provides scientific analysis and understanding of the body parts and how the body functions in relation to the various physical activities. It enables the students to identify correct body movements in designing exercise, fitness activities and other physical programs for lifetime use.


Defines movement skills for educational gymnastics and sports activities. Developmental stages for skill acquisition enable the students to understand the importance and effect of body preparation through an exercise. Specific technique includes tumbling, floor exercise, heavy and light apparatus activities and dance-based routines. Programs shall focus on Rhythmic Sportive, Sports Aerobics and Artistic Gymnastics. Coaching as well as officiating of the mentioned programs shall likewise be introduced.

Philippine Folk Dance

Applies practical skills on understanding the rudiments of folk dancing from the raw materials of published and unpublished dances. Analysis of dance instructions and technical interpretations from the...
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