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The Little Prince Chapter 7 Summary

Finally, on the fifth day, the narrator learns about something that really matters to the prince. First, though, the two have what’s probably their first fight. The prince wants to know if the sheep (you know, the one in the drawing) eats only certain types of plants or eats all plants. He seems really concerned that the sheep might eat even flowers with thorns. The narrator isn’t giving the prince his full attention because he’s trying to fix his plane. So, he replies carelessly that the flower’s thorns will be no protection from the sheep. This really upsets the prince. The prince accuses the narrator of being like other adults who cannot distinguish between important and unimportant things. To clarify what he means, the prince talks about a guy he met who is puffed up with pride and keeps saying he’s busy. This man has never loved anyone or appreciated the beauty of flowers or stars—all he’s done is add up numbers. And what’s important to the prince? It turns out there’s a particular flower on his planet that he loves, and so the question of whether a sheep might eat that flower is extremely important to him. He cries.

The narrator is upset, too, and tries to comfort the prince.

On his fifth day in the desert, the little prince wonders if his new sheep will eat both bushes and flowers. The pilot, who is trying to repair his plane, replies that sheep will eat anything and the little prince asks him what use a flower’s thorns are if they don’t protect the flower. The pilot frustrated with his engine and worried by his lack of food and water, yells that he is too busy with “serious matters” to answer the prince’s questions. Furious, the little prince accuses the pilot of acting like a grown-up instead of seeing what’s really important. The little prince argues that if a truly unique flower exists on a person’s planet, nothing is more important than wondering if a sheep will eat that flower. He then bursts into tears....