Wal-Mart Womens Apparel vs Belk

Topics: Service, Customer service, Marketing Pages: 2 (275 words) Published: May 14, 2010
Wal-mart women’s apparel vs. Belk’s women’s apparel shopping comparison

Wal-marts Target market is middle to lower class families. While Belk’s target market is the middle to upper class shopper who may be looking more for quality merchandise instead of low prices.

Belk’s approach to satisfying the customer :
. Good customer service
. Weekly sales
. Free gifts with purchases

Wal-mart’s approach to satisfying the customer:
. 90 day return policy
. Daily Rollbacks on prices
. In stock on basic everyday merchandise

Overall Belk’s has a better approach to satisfying the customer.

Wal-mart’s retail mix is not put together as well as Belk’s . Belk’s has better quality merchandise while Wal-mart has lower prices but the quality of the merchandise is not as good.

Wal-mart advertises a lot more then Belk’s as well as better price impression.

Customer service:
. Belk’s has very good customer service the employees are very knowledgeable of there areas and are very friendly.\ and helpful.

. Wal-mart’s customer service was not very good. The associates was not as knowledgeable of the areas as they should have been and they was not as friendly.

Wal-marts strengths:
. Good prices
.Large assortment of merchandise

Belk’s strengths:
. Great customer service
. Cleanliness of the store
. Organization and customer space
. Better quality merchandise

Wal-mart’s weaknesses :
. Customer service
. Cleanliness of the store

Belk’s weaknesses:
. Need’s a larger assortment of merchandise
. Better prices

My overall conclusion from this comparison is that Belk a better and more friendlier place to shop than Wal-mart, but Wal-mart has much lower prices.
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