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Wal-Mart case study questions
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1.What are the strengths and weaknesses of Wal-Mart’s fashion brands, George and Metro 7? Strengths (think about the Marketing Mix (4 Ps))
Product – Wal-Mart is one of the largest retailers in the world that is a “one stop shop”. You can find every/anything that you need there with good style, selections and quality all for a great everyday low price.

Price – Low prices for fair quality items made Wal-Mart a celebrity for the millions of low-income people in America.

Promotion –Reaching out to the media and the everyday sales promoting itself

Distribution (Place) – Wal-Mart opened new stores almost one a day and with newer stores and the slowdown of the economy; very convenient locations, middle class families become loyal customers to them.

Weaknesses (think about the advertising pyramid)
Awareness – Wal-Mart lacks in afford to advertising new floor brands to customers

Comprehension (Positioning) –
oThe store – Wal-Mart want to turn there attention more to fashion goods which is risky and can damage Wal-Mart’s reputation.

oThe brand(s) – The new brands failed to make an impact to consumers due to poor advertising and merchandising support.

Conviction and Desire (Evaluation) –
oPrice points – Expensive items that are while known in other countries are introduced to the consumers at a low price.

oProduct line – Coupled with lower discretionary incomes than their American counterparts.

Action (Experience) –
oIn-store assortment – Wal-Mart clothing display required more racks so they began to add an additional two feet if space between its apparel rack, which started to make it hard to shop with overcrowded space and racks.

oDisplays – Wal-Mart placed all its merchandise they owed on floors in the store.

oAtmosphere and service -

2.Where has Wal-Mart gone wrong in its attempt to create an effective marketing...
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