Wal-Mart Discrimination

Topics: Discrimination, Gender, Affirmative action Pages: 1 (401 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Wal-Mart’s Response to sex discrimination and pay lawsuits 1. How should these lawsuits be resolved: legally, morally, and practically? Legally, morally and practically I believe Wal-Mart should be fined in order to prevent further discrimination against women. Clearly this is a culture they have created within the organization therefore being carried out nationwide throughout all Wal-Mart locations. Since Wal-Mart entered the market they have opened many stores creating more business for themselves while taking some from their competitors such as Target. Their internal revenue without a doubt has sky rocketed and continues to do so as they open more stores. Fining Wal-Mart enough to impact them will allow them to continue creating their new pay system in order to prevent further discrimination and large gaps in pay between male and female. 2. Is it legal for Wal-Mart to engage in proportion gender based hiring or is this policy impermissible and thus illegal reverse discrimination under the Civil Right Acct? Proportion gender can still be considered/viewed discriminatory and illegal. For instance if a Wal-Mart location has 5 male and 6 female managers, the next opening for manager role would have to be given to a male if they are going according to “proportion gender”. If a qualified female applies for the manager role she must be denied in order to have equal amount of male and female manager thus making a discriminatory decision. I believe In order to do away with this discrimination issue Wal-Mart should consider hiring the qualified focus on the “best” candidate and there will not be a need to worry about gender discrimination. 3. Is it moral pursuant to ethical egoism, Utilitarianism, and Kantian ethics for executive bonuses to be tied into increased diversity hiring and promotion effort? Under Ethical egoism executive bonuses being tied into increased diversity hiring and promotion effort is ethical if you are the executive who hires and...
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