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Wal-Mart’s Report

The report aims at describing group, teamwork, organizational conflict, leadership and how to apply these theories to a real world organization--Wal-Mart. Each part we have two branches respectively. At first, we introduce the stages of group development which emphasize something different for members of organization, and effects of workforce diversity. Moreover, self-managed teams play an important role, as well we could illustrate high-performance teams’ attributes. Come to the conflict in organization, we will talk about various conflicts, and also consider the conflict aftermath that can become the latent conflict for a later episode. At last but not least, we explain traits consistently associated with leadership, task- and people-oriented behavior as stable dimensions of leader behavior. Admittedly, the most crucial part is how to put these theories into practice. ANALYSIS

Group and Interpersonal Processes in Organization
Stages of Group Development
“During the group formation stage (forming), members of the group first meet each other”(Joseph Champoux, 2010, p.214), In the Wal-Mart, new employees may be from different ethnic groups, different education environment, and different work environment, people who have never been together before introduce themselves to each other. I think members should be encouraged to listen to each other, know each other, and reveal their characteristics and abilities to other group members, and at the same time, it will appear the intragroup conflict. “The intragroup conflict stage (storming) begins to evolve. Discussions focus on behavior, roles, and social relationships that are right for doing the group’s task.” (Joseph Champoux, 2010, p.214). I think conflict is inevitable, but at the same time, it is very useful, especially the leader should build the prestige, and then lead all members to resolve or avoid those conflicts. Conflict arises about how the group do the task of the group, For example in the sales department, if the members had objections for the identified of the sales of a week , the leaders should direct people to do the discussions and make a correct and effective decision . Then, they enter the group cohesion stage. “By the group cohesion stage (norming), the group has defined its roles and role relationship .members accepts each other, and an identifiable group culture emerges.” (Joseph Champoux, 2010, p.214) Wal-Mart has compiled norms and procedures, even if a primary staff also had training courses, the staff can't work in his interest. “Wal-Mart's culture is a manifestation of values system; it is very useful for the all life of the staffs.” (Du Liming). Because all members have a common goal, everyone will form the perception about the leader and workmates, so that members could express themselves, many ideas come from team members. “Group member become comfortable with each other at the task orientation stage (performing) and have accepted the group’s norms.” (Joseph Champoux, 2010, p.214) I think it is very important to choose the right person who conforms to the requirements of the position, so that he or she could develop ability, also takes more responsibilities. We know that most groups are functional groups at Wal-Mart,“functional groups reach the task orientation stage of development and plateau there. Under certain conditions, however, such groups repeat the stages and experience redevelopment.” (Joseph Champoux, 2010, p.214) To establish an efficient team is long-term work, due to either groups are mobile or new members into the team continuously or organization redistributes existing members into new formal groups. “The people are not new to the organization, but they are new to the groups in which they find themselves”. (Joseph Champoux) To my way of thinking, in the process of redevelopment of the organization, the intragroup conflict stage will...
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