Wake Wood

Topics: Chief executive officer, Management occupations, Corporate governance Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: March 2, 2013
1. Wakewood is a group that consists of seven autonomic units. Each of these units is controlled by a General Manager and seven Functional Managers for every department. 2. The Chief Executive Officer which is responsible for the seven units has been informed about the performance of Unit 7. He has a lot of experience being CEO and he has already managed difficult situations with other units of the company over the last four years. That is why he has a very good reputation. 3. The most important external and internal pressures that Unit 7 has are: A. Customers are not satisfied with the quality and service provided by Unit 7 because of inefficient after sales service and low quality of products. B. Staff is unsatisfied with their work due to a low staff morale. C. Implementation of new technology is also a big problem because the employees have no knowledge using it. D. The management skills in the introduction of changes are also a difficult task that has to be altered. E. The General Manager has been working for 18 years with Wakewood but he does not pay much attention on the needs of the clients as he should. F. The Chief Executive Officer concluded that the two most urgent changes that have to be exercised in Unit 7 are: * To change the attitudes and the organizational structure * The improvement of knowledge of technology.

4. The employees are not motivated because of :
A. The staff morale is poor, Employees are not very motivated in doing their work. B. The results of production are not satisfactory and employees do not feel comfortable because they do not have enough knowledge in the processes of production and in the new technologies. C. The organization implemented a new computer technology but the employees have not been trained on it yet. All these factors are affecting.
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