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Topics: HCL Technologies, Harvard Business School, Leadership Pages: 4 (1540 words) Published: December 9, 2012
After reading the case study I think I can answer this question to the best I can. According to the case study. HCL Technologies, in 2006 midwinter, people started to think enormous potential. HCL Technologies had developed a system called BAIT it is called Business-Aligned IT(Nayar,V 2010). The goal of this system is align the services to the customers' specific business processes. The system has identified the three most critical business processes. According to the case study, the three are - analyzed them, determine how to align them with HCLT solutions, and estimated the amount of money we can save over a twelve months, twenty four month, and thirty six month period (Nayar, V 2010).

According to the case study, they had a original goal with the U&I had to been to create transparency and thus build trust(Nayer, 2010). From what I understand from this is that with the U&I they named it "My Problems". With this if anyone had problems or questions you will write it down and posted it and hopefully someone can answer it.

I hope this answers the question. Any suggestions will be great. In what ways does leadership at HCL Technologies use new-era concepts such as shared leadership and collabyation to change culture, structure, and processes to support and sustain innovation? HCLT developed a system called BAIT, the purpose was align services with customers' specific business processes. It identified three critical business processes; analyzed them as well as determined how to align them with HCLT solutions. Estimate the amount of money that could be saved over a period over twelve months, twenty-four months and thirty six month period (Nayer, 2010).. Nayer (2010), created a new section within U& I named "My Problems" if he had a question or problem that he could not solve his self. He begun to post questions that he was struggling with, people started to send the CEO suggestions. End result, a large volume of responses was generated using "My Problems",...
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