Waiver: Philippines and Industrial Engineering Department

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I, ____________________ parent/guardian of ____________________ (student) of BSIE ____, who is of age ________, and is, currently residing on __________________________________________, allow him to attend field trips and seminars in Subic, Zambales on August 5-7 of 2010. I acknowledge that this tour is part of the Academic requirements of the course Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering under the subject INEN 3033 Field Trips and Seminars.

I fully agree to waive any responsibility on the part of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Industrial Engineering Department, and/or on the representatives in case of any untoward incident that may happen to my son/daughter on the duration of the field trips and seminars. I recognize that the effectivity of this agreement shall commence at the time I affix my signature as parent/guardian until the culmination of the tour.

Pledge this ____ day of _____ 2010 in the City of Manila.

Parent/Guardian’s Signature

Acknowledged by:

Student’s Signature

Noted by:

Prof. Adelio O. Sulit
Industrial Engineering Department

Engr. Manuel M, Muhi
Dean, College of Engineering


Polytechnic University of the Philippines

College of Engineering

Industrial Engineering Department

NDC Compound, Sta. Mesa, Manila



The College of Engineering envisions itself to be the center of excellence in Engineering and Education. MISSION
The College of Engineering is committed to produce competitive engineers and who will serve as catalyst for sustainable growth and development in national and international levels.


1. Provide quality education through instruction, advanced research and...
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