Waitress Job Description

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Waitress Job Description

My main responsibility of a waitress is to make sure the customers have everything they need to have a good experience in the establishment and return for more good service.

My responsibilities as a waitress included:
• welcoming customers,
• showing them to their seats,
(escort customers to their table),
• providing them with menus,
• inform customers of daily specials,
• taking food and drink orders,
• explaining the ingredients in foods that the customer may have questions about, (being knowledgeable of the menu, ingredients, and how each item is prepared), • serving food and beverages,

• check with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals, • take appropriate action to correct any complaints or requests, • knowing how to answer or fix a complaint
• watch to see if the guests need anything,
• keep checking on guests, make sure they are happy,
• being polite, courteous, and prompt,
• prepare a bill,
• collecting payments, handling cash, checks, and credit, • cleaning tables after customers leave,
• set tables.

The sidework responsibility of waitresses:
• performing side work tasks,
• polish the cutlery and glasses,
• refill condiments as needed,
• helping with dish washing and floor sweeping to keep the dining area clean, • making sure the dining room is presentable.

• working well with others,
• train new restaurant employees on the restaurant's culture and practices.

Definition and Nature of the Work in The Terrace Restaurant

Waiters take orders and serve food in restaurants.
Waiters give the restaurant's menu to each customer and sometimes explain how the different meals on the menu are prepared. They write down customers' orders so that the cooks can prepare each dish exactly as requested. When the food is ready, waiters carry it from the...
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