Waiting Line Management

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Saint Louis University
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Unlimited Network of Opportunities (UNO)
Waiting Line Management Analysis


In Partial Fulfillment for the Course
Production and Operation Management (Mgmt 6)

Pelchona, Joe
Alvarade, Jenniffer
Castillo, Febecil
Eduria, Ellaine
Ibarra, Rose Faith

October 11, 2012

Background of the study
Network Marketing is a legitimate distribution scheme, where products and services are offered directly to consumers from the manufacturers thru a pool or network of distributors. It is when people and manufactures’ move products through word of mouth, and other people’s recommendations. Similar to when a friend has seen a nice film and they tell you how it was the best film they have ever seen so you go and see the film for yourself. Now, just imagine what would happen if your friend was paid a nice commission each time someone he has recommended a film to goes to see it. He would obviously tell more and more individuals about the film if he were being compensated for his recommendation. This is exactly what is done in a network marketing business. People tend to take the enticement and register to the networking business they are invited in.

Today, Unlimited Network of Opportunities (or UNO) is one of the fast-growing network marketing businesses in Baguio. They offer new opportunities, conquer new challenges and welcome new partners in this impressive and generous way of extending help to people of Baguio and also Benguet. UNO is a dynamic marketing business engaged in the distribution of health enhancing natural products and other services that address the needs of modern living. UNO-Baguio in its forefront is a successful network marketer with several years of experience in leverage marketing. Its vision and mission is to be the # 1 network marketing opportunity in the world and to provide the best products and services, to produce more successful entrepreneurs. It is definite that UNO is poised to be among the major players in the industry of network marketing. All the vital elements to drive in a new curve of new markets and technologies are present. They equip every network marketer the convenience of simultaneously marketing fast-moving health and wellness products. It is very much in the interest of UNO that today's challenges be fulfilled without divisions and delays. As the researchers wanted to help UNO with their problems regarding delays and queues in their office, a group monitoring in their office was conducted. Objectives of the study

The objectives of this study are as follows:
* To examine the measure of waiting line performances of the entity * To determine the average utilization of the help desk server * To help the entity to lessen their waiting in line customers Significance of the study

Companies and managers face a growing need for good, new ideas to be effective and efficient. To be effective is to achieve the organizational goals. To be efficient is to achieve goals with minimal waste of resources, that is, to make the best possible use of money, time, materials, and people.

The researchers discovered that UNO Company is not using its resources efficiently specifically in time and people. So this study is conducted by the researchers to help the entity to lessen their service delay to their customers. The researchers also intend to present this waiting line management analysis to the entity to overcome their difficulties in queues of customers while waiting for the service. This may be able to suggest the methods which the entity can use to establish a better time management as well as the accurate management of their help desk...
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