Waiting in Purgatory (Creative Writing)

Topics: Mind, I Feel Fine Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: March 24, 2013

Waiting in Purgatory
As the last five words float out of my mouth, the roaring applause begins. Dizziness takes over my frame of mind. I hold on to the podium tightly and try to disguise my discomfort. My hand grips the hand rail to my left I try to balance myself, everything around me starts to spin and inside I begin to panic. The unsteady metal steps wobble as I place my feet onto them and feel the ground shake under me. I maintain my porcelain like smile and gaze up at the crowd who is still clapping and cheering but now with a puzzled look on their faces. “Jenna are you ok?” my classmate behind me asks ready to jump in and help me down, “I’m fine!” I growl back. As my feet trace the outline of the steps I make it to the ground, my mother is already at the bottom of the stage ready to catch me if I tumble into abyss. My eyelids lose strength and I close my eyes tightly trying to block out a pain so severe I feel myself drifting out of consciousness. My eyes flutter open and I find myself lying in a bright white room, when I look up the lights above me blind my eyes as I try to adjust to my surroundings. My initial thought is that I died and am now in purgatory awaiting my fate. All I can remember is giving my graduation speech which was followed by applause. Everything after that was just a foggy white blur. I realise that I am actually in a hospital bed surrounded by monitors and mirrored windows. My excruciating head ache is now gone and I feel fine, I convince myself that I am ready to go home. My body feels faint and fragile like a butterfly as I tug the heavy white blankets off of me. A sharp pain stings in my arm I glance over to discover two needles injected in to my arm connected to a drip. The realisation hit me that I have to tell me mother the news. It was only a week ago that I was admitted into hospital to receive my diagnosis. Only a week since I was informed that I had merely two weeks to live. I recognize that the tumour...
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