Waiting for the Morning Train

Topics: American Civil War, Literature, 21st century Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Running Head: Waiting for the Morning Train

Waiting for the Morning train
History 230

Waiting for the Morning Train by Bruce Catton
Bruce Catton is a name that has become synonymous with history enthusiasts but he has also made his own niche on the literary front with books like “Waiting for the morning train”. The novel recounts the author’s childhood in Benzonia, Michigan that had been described by the author as “a good place to wait for the morning train” (Ch. 2, p. 39). This memoir highlights Catton’s hometown’s transition in to the 20th century that saw the emergence of rapid technological changes that was deemed as frightening by the author while the rest of the world was on the brink of war. This is in fact an interesting piece of literature that was produced by the Bruce Catton, unlike his usual commentary on the American Civil War; his novel captures the sentiments of a young man coming of age and incorporates a strong nostalgic component that has become a major part of the American life (Ch. 11, p. 246). Having been a part of an era, where the aftermath of the war still reverberated throughout the nation and for the author, Catton, those were the stories that he had grown up listening to in rural Michigan. This is the first time that Bruce Catton has actually expressed his sentiments regarding the constantly evolving American society. From the wars between the states to the technological advancements’ in his hometown, there are no overt biases established by the author himself; however, upon greater examination of the prose there are some literary tools employed by Catton that does give rise to many questions. As mentioned earlier, the novel uses the start of the 20th Century as its backdrop that laid down the foundations for further development in the 21st century that often ‘bemused, excited and disgusted’ Catton recounted by his son. This creates significant amounts of doubts regarding...
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