Waiting for Superman

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“Waiting for Superman”
“Waiting for Superman” isn’t about a hero coming to the rescue and saving everybody. Throughout this documentary, made by Davis Guggenheim, there were interviews with little kids that would soon capture your own hearts. Dropout factories cover the whole entire country, but are Charter Schools the way to go? Public Education is incapable of meeting the challenge to educate everybody.

Dropout rates across America are outrages. Dropout factories are when two thirds of the student body fails to graduate High School. Having more than two thousand dropout factories in America, where can the people receive their education? Students at Lock High School, located in Los Angeles, lose students between freshman and sophomore year. Sixty-eight percent of High School dropouts end up in prison coasting $132,000 per inmate, while paying for a Private School for thirteen years coast at least $107,900 per person with an opposite of $24,100. Nobody wants prison for their future, but not every child has a chance to go to a better school due to lack of money or not enough room at the school.

Public Education has downfalls that were shown and talked about in “Waiting for Superman”. The dance of lemons is a major fault within public education. Lemon dance consists of the principles basically passing around their teachers to others and hoping that they receive well than what they originally had. No matter how bad a teacher is, if they have tenure they practically are untouchable, they cannot be fired no matter how bad they are. With the teacher union, it practically makes it impossible to fire a “bad” teacher because of the various steps that must be done without missing a day or you’d have to wait another year to retry the entire process, one in every two thousand five hundred teachers lose their teachers degree. Studies have shown that with lower performing teachers only about fifty percent of students learn something.

“Waiting for Superman” I am torn...
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