Waiting for Love & Aubrey by Cheryl Albury

Topics: Female, Male, Boy Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Discuss the way that Albury portrays the Bahamian male in any TWO stories from Perspectives from Inner Windows. Is this a true reflection of the Bahamian society?

Cheryl Albury portrays the Bahamian male in dissimilar, but similar ways throughout Perspectives from Inner Windows. How she does it will be explained by using the stories “Aubrey” and “Waiting for Love”.

In the story “Aubrey”, Cheryl Albury presents an attractive, successful man to the audience by the name of Aubrey. He was privileged to work amongst the Caucasian guests who went to visit the Bahamas. During this time, he encountered a captivating yet bewitching female by the name of Alicia Corning. He was mesmerized in a rapture of sensual confinement. Mrs. Corning knew the affect she had on the opposite sex and she took full advantage of this affect. Alicia was probably sexually frustrated due to the fact that her husband travelled frequently. She saw Aubrey as potential bait and hooked him and wheeled him in without much effort. Due to the lustful nature of Aubrey as a man, he fell right into her trap. He was punished for allowing a woman to prey upon him. Cheryl Albury uses Aubrey to show that some Bahamian men don’t care about the fact that a woman might be married, if he is sexually attracted to her and vice versa he will take the opportunity he has to please his fleshly desires. Aubrey allowed a woman to entice him and take advantage of him.

In the story “Waiting for Love” there was a character by the name of Stafford. He saw a pure, young lady by the name of Phyllis and was immediately enchanted by this appealing woman. He met her and they eventually started to date. Phyllis was instantaneously taken aback when she saw Stafford for the first time. He was such a gentleman. In this story, Albury presents men as creatures who take advantage of naïve females. Stafford waited patiently until he could persuade Phyllis enough that he loved her then when he had the chance he had sex with her...
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