Wagners Theory on Conventional Drift

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  • Published : March 5, 2007
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Wegener's persuasive essay
Dear German geologists. I have a very important matter that I must bring to you today. I have made a theory that I think will change the way the hole world looks at the land we live on in this present day. My theory is that all continents were once connected. This took place about 200 million years ago. I believe that all the continents were once together as a super continent that was called Pangaea. Today as you read this letter that I have sent to you I will explain the following things. I will tell you more about why I think the theory of continental drift really did happen many years ago, names and dates of historical events and places of the these ancient lands And what evidence I have that supports my theory. The meaning of this letter that you have just received today is to prove to you all that my theory of continental drift is quite correct. The first point that I bring to your attention is what continental drift really was. Continental drift was what cause all the continents to drift together about 200 million years ago forming a super continent that we have named Pangaea. Then around the Jurassic period in time Pangaea broke apart and in this formed two smaller continents. The two smaller continents were called laurasia witch was the northern island witch contained of present day north America, Europe, and Asia. The second island or super continent was called Gondwanaland and it was made up of present day Antarctica, Australia, and South America. The second point that I am presenting to you is even more evidence that supports the theory of continental drift. My partner Eduard Suess have discovered many things that are overwhelming evidence that go toward continental drift. One o those was we found fossils of a plant called glossopteris on south America and south Africa . We also found fossils of a few other animals including the mesosaurus, lystrosaurus, and the cynogathus on different continents that line up if...
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