Wag the Dog

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  • Published : April 2, 2011
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Wag the Dog

In today’s dynamic world we rely on different sources of information using varieties of information technologies. We depend on the various mass media for information about events in and outside of the United States. This information influences, and often shapes the view of our country and the world, and helps us determine the position on issues that affect us. The media indeed shapes our reality. Media is and will always be the conductor between a government and the people they govern. We the people are the ones that believe and trust in most cases the information that we receive. Especially when this information comes from a seemingly trusted source, we tend not to doubt anything that we hear. A very good example of how media can interpreter anything and how ethical issues, interpersonal and organizational perspectives play an important role in our life is the movie Wag the Dog. The movie itself makes you laugh, and it also makes you think, by realizing the impact of our commercial media and the people who present it. In the past years the media influence over our society has grown exponentially, many tools which offer different ways to receive information are added to our day-to-day life activity. Television and Internet are our most useful media distribution channels. Most of our decisions, values and beliefs are based on what we learn from those channels. This is one of the reasons why the movie Wag the Dog focuses our attention on the media just to remind us that not everything that we hear and read is true. We should rely more on our personal experiences and use the media as a secondary source of information. The movie itself not only represents the power of the media but also the way the information is created and transformed between different groups within and outside the organization. Along with the media influence, ethical issues as well as interpersonal and organizational perspectives played a big role in the movie concept. The...
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