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The Waffle House is not the typical place of employment. Working at the Waffle House might seem hard when you are on the costumer side of the counter. The Waffle House Company has a very different way of going about things. When visiting the Waffle House people will notice that the workers treat the costumers like family.

When applying for a job at the local Waffle House there are several steps that have to be completed. The first step is to fill out a 5x3 yellow index card with your basic information. After the yellow index card is complete the applicant will be prompted to call the Waffle House Hotline. Once the applicant has called the hotline they will be asked a series of questions. The last part of the application process is a face-to-face interview.

When hired the applicant will be assign a two-day orientation class, most of the class is paper work. During orientation the applicant will be expected to learn how to write orders and call them out. The applicant will also be expected to pass a test on “the Fives and Tens”. Applicant will be paid $7.25 for every hour of orientation completed.

Once placed at a Waffle House location you will be placed with a trainer. This person is expected to teach you the right way to call orders using the “pull, mark, drop” system. The trainee will also learn how to greet the costumers, and deliver the food correctly. Applicants usually train for three days.

The pay rate is not different from any dine-in restaurant with servers. Servers are paid $2.13 plus tips. Grill Operators Pay rate start at $7.25, depending on the amount of experience. Applicants get paid every Sunday after 2:00 p.m. in cash but a print out of your check stub is provided. The Waffle House experience is fun on either side of the counter.
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