Wadi Degla Protectorate Management System

Topics: Tourism, Grand Canyon, World Tourism Organization Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Wadi Degla protectorate:
By: Sameh Emil youssef
Date: 20/2/2013
Wadi Degla is one of the important valleys which extend from east to west with a length of 30 km. It passes through the limestone rocks that had remained in the marine environment during the Eocene Epoch in the eastern desert (60 million years). Therefore, it is rich with fossils. The height of these rocks alongside the valley is around 50 m. A group of valleys flew into this valley. The valley has a group of animals including mammals like dear, taital, mountain rabbits, red fox, feather tailed rat, oviparous, barbed rat, and little tailed bat and others. Among the insects there are and many others. 18 species of reptiles have been recorded. The rain water dropping from the waterfalls affected the limestone rocks along the years and formed the so called canyon Degla, which resembles the Grand Canyon in the U.S.  “Ecotourism, as responsible and sustainable tourism, with beneficial effects to tourists and local communities, and as a means to visit, enjoy, study, and reflect upon the wonders of nature and its intricate workings, is so far removed from traditional tourism in its philosophy and activities to warrant radical programmatic changes.”(Ecotourism and the management, Fekri Hassan and Hala Barakat).

The valley has several benefits to for several kind of people, people who love sports can go in the early morning and run or ride his bicycle and enjoy a quiet and interesting time, for those who like camping will find it also suitable to spend a night or two, for scientists also will find it quiet interesting to excavate fossils and wild animals ,also the site is important for birds watchers and reseqarchers, and being near to Cairo make it very useful to go and spend a day away from pollution and noise.

But at the last 10 years wadi degla as many other protectorates is facing some very serious problems such as garbage, noise from the visitors, deterioration of the sightseeing caused by the...
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