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Alexies brown

1. With at least 2 reasons each, explain (a). Why chronic diseases are common in the developed countries and (b). Why infectious diseases are common in the less developed countries. (c).What 2 solutions do you propose for reducing chronic diseases in the developed countries and infectious diseases in the less developed countries?

1a. infections are so common in developed countries due to the fact that animals, insects and even people bring different infections from all over the world, and majority of the time we are not informed about the different infections that we are getting involved with. Another reason consist of women when they are giving birth to a baby and it cause them to bleed to bleed to death or even catch a disease easily.

1b. Individuals in less developed countries have diets that are much lower in iron, less access to multivitamins for younger children and pregnant women, and increased rates of fertility which increase demands for iron through the life course. It also affects the older people an as you can see you can’t control what tends to grow strong on to your body. Infectious diseases, particularly parasitic diseases, also lead to both extracorporeal iron losses. Cancer is another disease that can easily come upon your body old or young. They are the ones that tend to live longer.

1c. the health status meaning the fees that has to be paid. Quite frankly if a person was on their death bed the doctors would be more concerned with getting paid then actually saving a life. To me I honestly feel as if the rich live longer then the poor due to the fact the rich can afford that good tactual medicine unlike the poor. It has also been brought to my attention that the amount of diseases that come from all over the world most doctors have to take their time to help care the body.

2. In explaining any social phenomenon or pattern the structural functionalist theoretical perspective focuses on...

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