Vung Tau, Vietnam

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Vungtau, Vietnam is an ideal place for tourism because of its beauty and comfort. It is a very easy getaway from the noisy city of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Recently, Vungtau has become a much more favorite and popular beach destination not only for the rich and famous, but also for every people especially the youth. Nowadays, Vungtau seems to be considered as a resort town in Baria - Vungtau, 125 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City. It is approximately 14 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide. Vungtau has a great attraction with tourists because of its beaches, abundance of pagodas and temples leaning against the mountain and facing the oceans. God seems to have a special affection for this place when giving them a lot of favourable conditions, such as a very pleasant average temperature of 28 degrees centigrade.

Who said that Vietnam did not have a romantic road running along the coast which is often seen in Korean movies? Vungtau also owns the Vietnamese most beautiful route, Quang Trung – Ha Long – Tran Phu, which runs along the coast in one side, and Nui Nho Moutain and hotels, houses in another. There are 4 beaches in Vungtau, Bai Sau or the Back Beach, Bai Dua or the Pineapple Beach, and Bai Truoc or Front beach and Bai Dau or Mulberry Beach.

Bai Sau beach is located in the southeast side of the town and is the most popular beach in Vungtau. During the rainy season the sea is calm, but frequent periods of high wind and dry waves during the dry season. Bai Dua beach, located at the foot of Nui Nho Mountains, is historically known for its pineapple trees and black rocks. It is the smallest of all the beaches in Vung Tau. Bai Truoc beach is located between the Nui Lon and Nui Nho moutains. It is connected through a small park called Front Beach Park. As this lays on the tourist center of the city, most people come here to visit the park and view the sunset. Bai Dau is a small beach located on the western side of Big Mount. Bai Dua and Bai Dau...
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