Vulnerable Populations

Topics: Domestic violence, Child abuse, Abuse Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: January 22, 2010
Vulnerable Populations: Domestic Violence Victims

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Domestic violence is something that haunts our society, and has done so for a long time. Critical thinking must be used when dealing with such large scale issues, and domestic violence is no different. The causes and issues with domestic violence are complex, taking an in depth look and truly analyzing the problem is necessary in understanding the problem and making a difference. This paper will discuss domestic violence in depth, in order to use critical thinking to evaluate the problem. First, this paper will examine the history of domestic violence. Next, the social problems and issues experienced with domestic violence will be discussed. Also, demographics, interventions, and clinical issues will be gone over, as well as future intervention strategies. History

The history of domestic violence can be dated back around the B.C. time period. In 753 B.C. men were allowed to beat their wives with objects under the Laws of Chastisement because the man was responsible for his wife's actions. Around 200 B.C. women were given more freedom to sue their husbands for unjustified beatings they received from them. Throughout time, all over the world, men and women have gone back and forth with violence and physical issues. (SafeNetwork 1999). In the 1800s certain parts of the United States began to recognize the issues, and started passing laws in order to ban domestic violence, with Alabama being the first state to do so. Later in the 1900s domestic violence was becoming more popular, and began taking a major role in society. Feminism became prominent, and women began taking advocacy roles, and raising the awareness on domestic violence. Grassroots campaigns beginning in the 1970s were organized, and domestic violence was gaining popularity. From that point on, domestic violence agencies, hotlines, and things like that started becoming more organized. By the 1980s many states had...
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