Vulnerable Population and Self Awareness

Topics: Transgender, Homosexuality, Cross-dressing Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: November 10, 2011
Vulnerable Population and Self-Awareness
There are a variety of vulnerable populations that exist in today’s struggling society. There are groups that are more vulnerable for certain illnesses or death and individuals that are segregated or treated differently because their preferred sexual interests and habits. This discussion will cover the definition of vulnerable population with the focus primarily on transvestites. The transvestite demographics and my personal awareness of this vulnerable population will be viewed with my personal attitudes and the health care delivery can be affected. I will give my own reflection toward this particular group including my perception before and after becoming more familiarized. According to Giger and Davidhizar (2007), “the term vulnerable has come to refer to populations who experience social or economical hardships such as the elderly, the impoverished, widows, and ethnic groups that suffer from greater risks of morbidity and mortality than do their wealthier counterparts” (p. 294). Transvestites are a vulnerable population that is content with their own heterosexual desires with interests in cross-dressing for the gain of sexual arousal that society considers inappropriate (Bentler, Sherman, & Prince, 1970). It is determined transvestites are people with exposure of dressing up as the opposite sex early in life during childhood play when possessing older siblings of the opposite sex. Transvestites are often incorrectly labeled for other terms such as homosexual or transgender. Depending on how explicit transvestites live will determine the level of discrimination and social isolation that is received (Trotter, 2010). Demographics

There is approximately nine percent of the population in the United States with transvestite fetish with almost three percent of males that has experienced at least one episode in their life. The state of Florida has about 4.6% of its residents with approximately 4% locally within the...
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