Vulnerability Assessment

Topics: Risk, Security, Neighborhood watch Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: May 31, 2011
Vulnerability Assessment

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Vulnerability Assessment

The first thing that must be done to protect a home is to conduct a risk assessment to figure out the potential for threat in the designated neighborhood, vulnerability, and the possibility of consequences of risk occurrence. Three tools that are normally addressed when planning security for any home are:

1. What home security and safety risks are the most typical of the neighborhood for which the assessment is working and what would families be more exposed to? 2. How exposed are the neighborhood residents? Have they taken the necessary precautions to prevent a disaster and to deter all threats? 3. How much could be lost if these precautions have been ignored?

To answer the first question it is important to discover the types of crimes that have been committed in the neighborhood most recently. By asking fellow neighbors and local police crime prevention officers, statistics on most common crimes and how that particular neighborhood stacks up to others in the rest of the county can be found. Once a list of possible threats has been established, checking the home for vulnerabilities that would leave it susceptible to a crime or an accident would be the next step in the process. After identifying the vulnerability to these potential threats, a vulnerability assessment on a residence may be conducted. A vulnerability assessment of a home as well as a list of countermeasures and their costs’ is what is required next. Focus on the different directions that potential threats may use and the avenues of approach that they will likely take to threaten property or the area surrounding property. There is a neighborhood watch program that is counted on to support additional observation and early warning. The signal for such a warning is slamming metal object to metal object in a series of three to alert the neighbors as a code to indicate direction and threat....
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