“Vulgarized Filipino Identity: Development of Filipino Profanity”

Topics: Profanity, Fuck, Spanish profanity Pages: 14 (5052 words) Published: November 17, 2011
School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences
Mapúa Institute of Technology

A Research Draft on
“Vulgarized Filipino Identity: Development
of Filipino Profanity”

Vulgarity of Language
Humans express their feelings in many different ways physically, mentally or verbally. Vulgar words, also known as swearing or cursing exists in all human languages that perform certain functions. One study found that swearing is not merely a common reaction to pain; it actually functions as a pain reliever where psychologist would advise people to swear than to hurt someone or yourself.  However, the overuse of swear words tends to diminish their beneficial effect and will result in bad moral attitude. Swearing is a widespread but underappreciated anger management technique.

Significance of the Study
In this society, there are different views whether overused of profanity words are good or bad according to the person’s belief. But the only thing that would clarify whether is good or bad is through extensive research work. Is it good or bad in the eyes and ears of the people in terms of overusing it? What are its purposes? Have we learned this from others or it is already in us as a Filipino? What are the reasons why people use it? Does the Church or other religious groups ignores and agrees that it is a good thing? Does it affect the moral standards of a person using and overusing it? How many people use vulgarity of words in terms of conversation, emotions or actions? Where does one learn how to use vulgar words? Is it an appropriate and normal way to use in conversations? Where the early and ancient Filipinos have some vulgarity of their language? How do early and ancient Filipinos express themselves? When and how did we learn how to use profane words? Is this because of the influence of other countries or is it created in a natural way? What exactly does swearing, profanity and cursing do to a person’s life? What is the true Filipino identity in terms of the manner on how to use their language? These are one of the many questions that this research will be able to answer. It is an important study to execute because today’s generations have been influenced by the used of vulgar words not just outside the community but inside a family. It is important to know whether a person especially the young ones would affect their perceptions in life and their respective attitude towards the people. With this research, the people can realize that words are the most powerful gift that has been given to us. Words can create and thus can destroy.

Plans of Research
The topic will only cover a significant place wherein surveying and other forms of researching would be more efficient and easy to accumulate ideas and results. * Searching for Related Research or Articles: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday * Compiling the Researched Materials and Finalizing the needed requirement before the midterm exams: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday * Completing the Research Work: after the mid term exams

* Surveying and Interviewing: Free time after mid term exams

This section presents the method of study, instrument used, the procedures in the preparation and administration of the instruments and the treatment of the data that will be gathered in the study. The data that will be used in this research work will be taken from different sources namely the internet, observation of the researcher, articles, commentary, opinions, books, interviews and the selected 60 college students of Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) of Intramuros, Manila in the School Year 2011-2012 who were present and was given the chance during the administration of the questionnaire and the personal interview and if time permits, professors can also be surveyed upon his/her permission. The selected 60 respondents of MIT belonged to different...
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