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Is import restricted only for 500 entities?

Ans: There is no restriction in import. You can import data of any size.

Where is the Import tool?

Ans: On any page that has an import available, there is a button (Arrow pointing down) at the top that contains a graphic of a downward pointing arrow. Use this tool to import your files. Beware: Before you import you must check your data for a proper format. Do you have all mandatory fields filled in, have you removed all special characters, have you set the right delimiter...? Please consult the manual for rules and further hints. See: Vtiger_CRM_-_User_Manual You may also look for a tool that helps to format CSV data from MS Excel automatically. This tools is available at: http://vtigerforge.fosslabs.com/projects/excelimptool/ NEW

How to import leads into multiple installs of vtiger on the same server


How to turn off the HTML Editor in the notes and email sections?

Ans: Edit config.inc.php set on line 28 variable to 'false'

How to email generated PDF files to accounts or contacts?

Ans: TBS

About the chmod function problem on ubuntu,I get an error message

The error display as follow: Warning: chmod() [function.chmod]: Operation not permitted in /opt/lampp/htdocs/vtigercrm/log4php/appenders/LoggerAppenderFile.php on line 80 how can i to correct ??? Ans:you must be root to do this and you can type chmod -Rf 777 vtigercrm note that "vtigercrm is the folder you want to change permissions, so you must type this with the complete path.

Is it possible to use variables when creating views?


How to restrict user’s access to my data?

Ans: You may use the profile and role settings to restrict the user’s access to data from other users. Hence people would only see entries which have been assigned to them.

How to export leads from one vtiger installation (5 GA) to another (5 GA)?

Description: In the export-file (csv) I missed data from street, fax, Please tell me a way to export complete data from the leads. Ans: if you want all fields to export then you can change the query in the function create_export_query in the Lead.php file. [edit]

How to modify "help link" on the top right corner.

Ans: Edit Smarty/templates/Header.tpl file and modify the following: "http://www.vtiger.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=34&Itemid=60" target="_blank">{$APP.LNK_HELP}

I can’t get the pdf export working. When I press the export button, a error message appears

Ans: The FPDF code (used to generate PDF files) does not support the alpha channel in PNG files. You have two choices. 1. Use a GIF for the logo. Though GIFs don't have an alpha channel, they do support completely transparent bits. 2. Create a special PNG for the PDFs that have a white background (assuming you are not changing the background color of your invoices).

How to modify login page?

Ans: Go to installdir -> themes -> images for the images to edit on the login screen. For the login itself, edit installdir -> modules -> Users -> Login.php [edit]

How to change the tabs at the top of the screen?

Ans: Curently there is no option to change the tabs through user interface. But you can modify the tabs programmetically. [Edit]

How do I update the working copy to 5.0.1 without losing my patches?

Ans:Use the merge command IN your working copy directory. You can apply the same merge command in the working directoy which contains your patches and you will get an updated version with your patches. [Edit]

How to uprade from 4.0.2 to 5.0.2

Ans:Modify the $HOME/modules/Migration.php (line 109) Change $dump_filename='dump_'.$dbname.'.txt'; to $dump_filename=getcwd().'/'.'dump_'.$dbname.'.txt'; 2. Login to you server running 4.2 3. mysqldump your 4.2 database to a flat file 4. Edit the flat file and add: SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 0; --On first line SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS = 1; -- On last line 5. move this file to...
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