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FINAL INVESTIGATION REPORT OF ACCIDENT TO M/S NORTH EAST SHUTTLES PRIVATE LIMITED CESSNA CARAVAN 208B AIRCRAFT VT-NES AT LENGPUI AIRPORT ON 04.05.2011. Aircraft Type Nationality Registration 2 Owner Cessna Caravan 208B Indian VT-NES Cessna Finance corporation 100N

Broadway suite 600 Wichita Kansas67202-2206. 3 Operator Pilot – in –Command Extent of injuries 5 No. of Passengers on board Extent of Injuries 6 7 8 Last point of Departure Intended landing place Place of Accident North East Shuttles Private Limited Surjya Road, Agartala-799001, Tripura. 4 Foreign License Holder with valid FATA. Minor/None. 09 Minor/None. Imphal Airport. Lengpui Airport. LengpuiAirport. N 23 50 16.88 E 092 37 36.38 9 Date & Time of Accident 04.05.2011; 1045 Hrs IST approx.

All Timings are in IST


SYNOPSIS Cessna caravan 208 B aircraft VT-NES operated by M/s North East Shuttles Private Limited was involved in a runway overrun accident at Lengpui airport while landing on 04.05.2011 at approx 1045 Hrs IST. The aircraft was operating a non scheduled flight Imphal–Lengpui with ten persons on board including one crew member. The aircraft took off normally from Imphal at 1000 hrs and subsequently came in contact with ATC Lengpui at 1023hrs. ATC Lengpui conveyed the latest available weather with visibility as 4500m. The pilot requested special VFR and the same was approved by tower controller. Visibility further dropped to 2000m and the pilot preferred holding, in coordination with ATC at 10 miles maintaining visual separation with terrain at an altitude of 6500 feet. The Pilot thereafter without any communication with ATC reported downwind for RWY 17 and subsequently reported for final. When the aircraft reported final, the controller after sighting the aircraft gave the landing clearance with wind as calm and RWY surface wet. The aircraft touched down well ahead of the landing threshold at a high speed with a remaining distance in which it was impossible to stop the aircraft. The aircraft could not stop within available length of runway and it climbed a 10 feet high platform constructed to install the Localizer antenna at the end of RWY 17. As the speed of the aircraft was high, it continued past the localizer platform and fell in a ravine approximately 60 feet deep. The accident occurred during day time. The occurrence was classified as an accident. The Ministry of Civil aviation ordered the investigation by

appointing Committee of Inquiry under rule 74 of the Aircraft Rule 1937


vide order no AV.15018/03/2011-DG dated 23rd June 2011 to determine the cause and contributory factors leading to the accident. The committee

issued a public notification in the leading news papers of Mizoram for seeking related information from the public if any. The aircraft suffered substantial damage. However, all the 9 passengers and the pilot on board the aircraft escaped unhurt. There was no sign of pre/post impact fire. 1. FACTUAL INFORMATION. 1.1 History of flight Cessna Caravan 208 B aircraft VT-NES owned by Cessna Finance corporation 100N Broadway suite 600 Wichita Kansas-67202-2206 and operated by M/s North East Shuttles Private Limited, Surjya Road, Agartala799001, Tripura is registered to operate under passenger category and endorsed on the operators permit bearing Non Scheduled Operators Permit (NSOP) No 28/2008. The aircraft was planned to operate sector Lengpui – Imphal – Lengpui on 04.05.2011. A duly approved engineer carried out daily inspection at 0800 Hrs in accordance with approved Daily Inspection schedule and the aircraft was offered for day’s operation with 408 Kgs of fuel on board. After satisfactory walk around inspection the pilot accepted the aircraft at 0830 Hrs. The first leg of the flight Lengpui to Imphal was uneventfully concluded at 0940 Hrs.


The pilot in command carried out the transit inspection at 0945 hrs for the next flight Imphal – Lengpui. The Pilot had valid transit inspection approval. Flight plan...
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