Vsm System

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apply VSM systems

case study: ABF
Analysis of five internal VSM systems within ABF, gives me a clear view that these five internal VSM systems could help a company to manage complexity. The five internal VSM systems within ABF organization are:

System 1: Operations
There are there are three operational unites identified: Warehouse, transport and manufacturing unites of food products. System 2: Stability
It is completely absent that the food market is filled with other competitors who alert the stability of the system, some new and sudden constants as the new produces launched or fluctuation of market and customer demands may interpret the flow of work and then cash flow affection and can't be prevented. System 3: Cohesion

There is a strong co-operation facilities in associated British food organization, its information system works in place; there is no alert that annual meeting is continuously implemented strong its working climate and co-operation for all teams sales, production and marketing. System 4: Planning

It is mainly consists the main system of ABF organization, planning for operation gives every team ideas about the outside climate and food sector competition giving attention about what and where the company are and what it will achieve and how it will achieve it. System 5: Policy

Policy of ABF Company respected from all members and employees feel satisfied about this matter, good and continuous planning beside employees and management co-operation, that managers gives workforce the strength to be more autonomous and achieve high level of performance.

Result from diagnosis of complexity via five internal systems of VSM on system of focus: From previous diagnosis, the company could give a concern to the stability which is missed from this system * As a result of stress from competition and high budget, stability is missed; some employee could lose the interest due to high budget of the company, affection of sales by political...
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