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The 1980s began the rapid introduction of new satellite services and new participants in satellite communications. Nearly 100 countries were involved in satellite communications – providing either satellite systems or satellite-based services. This decade also saw the advent of new and innovative ways to pay for the high costs of satellite systems and services, including lease/buy options, private networks (often referred to as very small antenna terminals or VSATs), and private launch services. Many different types of earth stations are required for satellite communications. The size of the earth station’s antenna is the primary feature distinguishing one earth station from another. The types are grouped under three headings: long earth station, short earth station, and very small aperture. VSAT earth station. Very small aperture (VSAT) earth stations are networks of satellite earth terminals, each of which has an antenna diameter between 0.3 and 0.9 m: hence the name ‘‘very small.’’ VSAT networks are usually arranged in a star configuration in which small aperture terminals each communicate via the satellite to a large central earth station known as a hub station. Any aperture smaller than VSAT is called an ultra-small aperture terminal (USAT ). Fixed terminals are designed to access the satellite while fixed in-place on the ground. They may be providing different types of services, but they are defined by the fact that they are not moving while communicating with the satellite. Examples of fixed terminals are small terminals used in private networks (VSATs), or terminals mounted on residence buildings used to receive broadcast satellite signals. VSAT Networks

VSAT networks have helped many businesses solve difficult network problems though the use of communication satellites. The basic principle it to start with data broadcasting to remote sites and to add a return link over the same satellite,...
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