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Valuable? Yes. It is not only valuable to the customers, but it is also valuable to the businesses who join hands with us. For customers within the Greater Toronto Area, it will be very beneficial for them because they would be able to access our website and in just few clicks fulfill their needs. Customers have several options, whether if they want to drink alcohol then they can find a bar or any other restaurant which serves alcohol. Or if they need to find a Thai restaurant near their place or in a specific area, they would be able to locate all of the Thai restaurants in the requested area by just using our website. It is very valuable to tourists because they are new with the area and are not aware that where they would find their type of activities, entertainments, or food choice within their designated area. Along with that, if a customer refers that they came to that place by using “todo.com”, then they are eligible for getting an extra five (5) percent off on their orders or purchases. Aside customers, our idea also benefits businesses as well. For businesses who sell halal chicken, they will be able to advertise their halal menu and attract customers who only eat halal. There is a large amount of people in the GTA who only eat halal food and by the halal businesses being advertised on our website, it will attract those customers to visit those restaurants only. This will benefit those halal restaurants since they will be advertising on one of the hottest website which would be used by customers who prefer to eat halal, since there are limited halal restaurants around.

Rare? Yes. There are a lot of websites available in the GTA which offers the similar kind of services. However, this website is rare because there are not a lot of websites available online which offers several services in only one site. “Todo.com” does not only provide the users with restaurants options, but also entertainment places as well. Consumers may have to access...
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