Vowell's Shooting Dad and Larkin's This Be the Verse: Thematic Analysis

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  • Published : November 8, 2010
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Although Sarah Vowell, the author of Shooting Dad faces the struggle of a relationship with her father due to his extreme admiration for firearms and Philip Larkin’s poem This be the verse discusses the parent’s experiences to help guide their children to success; both pieces of literature have many similarities. Vowell, although allowed to voice her own opinion on politics and beliefs she had a hard time relating to her father’s view points. Larkin’s poem shows that the parents want to use their experience to help guide our lives to success. With their guidance we are given opportunities to change some of the things we do for the better. When reading the two pieces of literature it is important to consider the elements that influence the speaker through new generation, the love and dilemma.

Both Vowell’s essay and Larkin’s poem show how the new generations in the lives of the speakers have caused the progress in society. Vowell’s new generation was the political division; she was democrat and her father was republican. Larkin’s new generation was that the parents were raised a generation before us, therefore making them not as "chat-friendly" as someone whose our age. Fortunately, today’s society is quickly progressing into one in that political doesn’t matter; however being raised from the last generation doesn’t make that the parent can be the best friend.

Vowel and Larkin both love their family even though they don’t accept what they do to them. Larkin express the anger in the first line of the poem by giving the insights on how to better and punish for the wrong things that he has done. Larkin express a detailed account of her relationship with her father their conflicts and their realizations as well as a lesson learned. She though as a child that we don't always get a chance to say the things we want to say and sometimes we say more then we should. The relationship with her father was far from the norm and the last things she said to him where...
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