Vowel and British Poetry Assignment

Topics: Vowel, Poetry, Writing Pages: 3 (784 words) Published: March 26, 2011
Max. Marks: 100
Programme: MC;G
Assignment Code: MEGO 1 ll'MA120 10- 1 1
Dear Student.
In a conventional class your teacher would have discussed your assignment with you, pointed out what made a good essay and what a bad one. We have done exactly the same thing in Unit 52 of the Thereafter decide upon a topic, i.e. a period or literary group in the history of British Poetry. You may, if you wish, select a topic from the list given in 52.2.1 (p.70). Alternatively, you could write on a British poet of your choice. You may write on a poet discussed in the units, i.e. on the syllabus, or even a poet we have not discussed in detail such as Robert Burns, G M. Hopkins, R.S. Thomas, Ted Hughes or Seamus Heaney. You may have heard some of our lectures on The Movement, Philip Larkin and Ted Hughes You have yet another choice. Write an essay on a famous poem in English literature. Having decided upon your topic, do your research. Then read section 36.5 in Unit 36 in Block Vlll for a model essay and a format for presentation. You should learn how to present your term paper1 sessional essay from 36.5. To sum up, write an essay on a period or literaw QrouD in British poetry, or a British poet or a British poem - in about 3000 words on the model provided in 36.5 (in unit 36). The full marks for the essay is 100.

(Based on Blocks 1-9)
Max. Marks: 100
Programme: MEG
Assignment Code: MEG-02flMA12010-2011
1. Discuss Dr. Fautus as a tragedy relevant to all times. 10 2. Discuss the fairies in A Midrummer Night's Dream 10
3. Comment on the soliloquies of Hamlet I0
4. Discuss the characters in Alchemist 10
5. Why does the Plrryboy appeal to you? 10
6. In what way is Pygmalion a Shavian play? I0
7. Do you think Murder in the Cathedral is a poetic drama different from the other plays of your course? 10
8. Comment on Waitingfor Godot as an absurd drama 10
9. Discuss the plot of Look Back in Anger 10...
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