Voting System

Topics: High school, Education, Student Pages: 10 (1888 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Mindanao State University at Naawan

Department of Information Technology

9023 Naawan, Misamis Oriental

MSUN-IDS Enrolment System

Arienza Farrah L.

Bagares Jocebhel M.

Garay Philip Cesar B.

Submitted as Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for

Software Engineering II

March 14, 2011



Background of the Study

  The discovery of the computer was the great function of modernity for different application to make work easier, more capable, and more adaptable for the humanity. Nowadays computer serves as an important role in our society, most especially in school premise. Most school uses computer to help their students deal in our modern technology. Mindanao State University-Integrated Developmental School (MSU-IDS) for having students that has grown up to about a thousand students now, delivered a quality and excellent education to the people residing in the municipality of Naawan and also to the neighboring town. But as the population of the students continue to grow, this school face difficulties in handling their enrolment in a manual process. And one of the solutions in this problem is to make their manual enrolment into a computerized system.

Computerized Enrolment system is the must have system in a school. It is a convenient way of storing and retrieving information of a student that provides more easy way in enrolling.


This project was founded and created to replace the existing manual enrollment system and using the same system in MSUN(University) that had produced inconvenience not only to the students but also to the school administration. Our goal was to develop a secure, fast, accurate, and user-friendly system.

Objectives of the Study

This study seeks to develop a system that will address the following:

1. To implement a fast, easy and systematic way of conducting student profiling, enrollment, and assessment.

2. To properly manage the enrollment process in a well organized manner.

3. To generate quickly a correct, accurate and reliable enrollment and assessment report of a student.

4. To generate instantly needed summarized and accomplishment reports.

Scope and Limitations of the Study

The researchers have anticipated covering in there study and program design the following:

1. The system is designed with five (5) Module/module namely:

➢ Registrar Module

➢ Enrollment Module

➢ Cashier Module

➢ Administrative Module

➢ Student Information Module

2. The system is designed and limited for the staff and other authorized user in the high school administration to enable them to easily produce information required by the different people in the high school.

3. The system could append instantly student enrollment, admission and assessment, faculty and staff management (optional) and also graduate management (optional).

4. The system would be responsible for storing and retrieving information of a student, enrollment accounts and faculty and staff information(optional).

5. The system has the capability to release required reports regarding the list of students, new enrollees, faculty and staff members and other important reports.

6. The system would records student information, student enrollment, fees- collected and uncollected and billing of accounts.

7. The system is designed with a user security access level in every Module.

The researchers have made the following limitations to there study:

1. The system is responsible for managing the whole enrollment process, especially on the setting up of enrollment procedures and other important enrollment function.

2. The system is also responsible for the student monitoring of accounts and subject scheduling.

3. Year level is already...
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