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Voting System

By | September 2012
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Applying MESE processes to Improve Online E-Voting Prototype System with Paillier Threshold Cryptosystem
Web Services

Version 1.00

A project submitted to the Faculty of Graduate School, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Engineering in Software Engineering Department of Computer Science

Prepared by Hakan Evecek
Dr. Chow
Spring 2007

This project for the Masters of Engineering in Software Engineer degree by

Hakan Evecek

has been approved for the

Department of Computer Science



Dr. C. Edward Chow, Chair


Dr. Richard Weiner


Dr. Xiaobo Zhou


Table of Contents
Online E-Voting System Project Documentation4
1. Introduction7
2. E-Voting System Related Literature9
2.1. Public Key Cryptography9
2.2. Homomorphic Encryption10
2.3. Zero Knowledge Proofs10
2.4. Threshold Cryptography10
2.5. Cryptographic Voting Protocol11
2.6. Issues in secure e-voting system12
2.7. Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA)13 2.8. Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT)14
3. Online E-Voting System Project Description17
3.1. Paillier Threshold Crytosystem Web Services Architecture and Design17 4. Online E-Voting Prototype System22
4.1. E-Voting System Overview22
4.1.1 User Login23
4.1.2. Election Set-Up24
4.1.3. Creating Ballots25
4.1.4. Vote Format26
4.2. Voting27
4.2.1. Creating the Vote27
4.3. Tally the Vote28
5. PTC Web Services Efficiency Improvement29
5.1 Pre-Computation29
5.2 Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT)29
5.3 Paillier Scheme Pre-computations for Decryption...

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