Voting Rights in America

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Voting Rights in America
12 Oct, 2005
The United States of America has come a long way from the original 13 colonies. They started out as a colony governed by a Monarch from England, switched to a republic at the start of the revolution and today we still have that republic base in our democracy. Although the way how the government hasn’t changed much, the way how we vote does. At first only the rich and powerful were able to vote, but in present day America, any legal US resident of age not in prison can vote. Every year, the people get out and vote for people that will try to do what they want to do, if not they elect another person for the job. America is truly a great place to live and work in without the fear of oppression or discrimination. The United States success was and is based on having equal rights for all.

When the colonies started out, they were ruled by England. The monarch of England would choose people to come over to America to represent how the King would have wanted it to be done. The people of these colonies were okay with it at the time because they were all new to this “New World”. Once things got settled in and real town were forming, they realized that they had absolutely not representation in England. Although they didn’t like that idea, they were still to poorly organized to do anything about this.

Wars came into effect in America. The British and the French were fighting constantly while the colonies had its own trouble with the Native Americans. England ran out of money and saw the colonies as a way out. They started to tax and build up natural resources in the colonies. What they thought is, if they are fighting in Northern America, the Northern American citizens should pay for this. While England thought this was good, the colonies did not, unfortunately they could not be heard because of no representation in Parliament.

When the British started taxing tea in Northern America, the citizens of North America became annoyed...
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